Over the other side of the mountain sits a spanking new addition to the ‘Unseen Thailand’ campaign, the snappily named Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn Temple, which is rapidly becoming Lampang’s most famed destination.

High up on the tips of the mountains of Jae Hom district, is a spectacle unlike anywhere else in Thailand, with golden and white pagodas scattered atop peaks and upon precipices. When you reach ‘basecamp’, leave the car and enjoy a sweaty thirty minute trek up the hillside to one of the country’s most glorious viewing points. On your way you will pass an alleged Buddha footprint as well as a few pit stops designed for breath-catching where we were quite alarmed to encounter a few aunties and grannies, all of whom looked as though they were about to expire in the heat at any moment.

When you reach the top, take a deep breath and admire the views of peak after peak tipped with glistening stupas on sharp mountain tops that overlook the rolling Thung Thung Valley below. Also, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the incredible dedication that went into building these stupas over such an incredible terrain. Thirteen years ago, a revered Lampang monk led the charge and a team of 46 workers, spending two years carrying bricks, mortar, cement and every piece of the temple up the mountain each and every day until its completion. Although the temple has been there for over a decade, it is only in recent months that it has become wider known.